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General news and updates

Our main channel of communications is our general newsletter. Frequency varies, but monthly is average. You can view a list of past issues here. Get it by hitting the button above (or on Substack), or via:

  • Telegram (we use a channel to avoid chitter-chatter), or
  • Signal (focus on news, not chat; this link may work best on your phone).

Planet A Investment newsletter

We also have an occasional newsletter for financial professionals, usually packed with an abundance of links, resources and background info, which you can receive two ways: via our Telegram channel here. Note this channel includes our other newsletters and updates, or via Substack:

Social media

We post on social networks, listed here in our current order of preference:

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How we like to talk to you

As a campaign, we value dialogue and respectful, open communications. Sometimes we need to act fast and just tell you something in a hurry too! Our constant concern is getting our messages out in a way that is effective but respectful of your time and communications preferences.

Ideas and news, even the best and most responsible, should have to earn attention, not get sprayed out indiscriminately.

Our ideal communications medium doesn’t really exist yet, and probably never will. Email often gets lost in mailboxes. We don’t like Facebook-WhatsApp-Instagram as a company, nor are we convinced that “freedom and privacy” (Telegram) are really the greatest intrinsic values for a messaging service.

Signal seems to offer a good balance of freedom and responsibility, but is a little short on features for managing groups.