Our story so far

We are a network of South Africans (PBO 930049178, NPO 149-064) calling for divestment from fossil fuels – and restorative reinvestment in sustainable energy – to stigmatise fossil fuel use, accelerate sustainable system change, help slow climate change, reduce the financial risks of fossil fuel investments, and so help secure our human rights and common future. 

Our campaign is run by a small active management team (our board), a full-time coordinator, part-time staff and volunteers, supported by our members, mostly individuals who have strongly supported our work and whom we have invited to join our voluntary association.  

We’re part of the global divestment movement originally inspired by 350.org and now spanning more than 1100 institutions that include churches, philanthropies retirement funds, cities like New York, London, Paris, Melbourne and Cape Town, and assets valued at over $14 trillion (as of February 2019). 

In 2017, we helped persuade the City of Cape Town to divest, and we were instrumental in securing divestment by Africa’s top-rated university, the University of Cape Town, in March 2022. We continue to engage other universities, notably Wits and Stellenbosch; and South African asset managers, on divestment. Please support our campaigns and watch our timelines and news for updates.

Past achievements