We are challenging the social license of the fossil fuel industry 

through our Fossil Ad Ban and Clean Creatives campaigns. 


The fossil fuel industry relies on PR and advertising for its continued social licence to operate. 

We are challenging this through our Fossil Ad Ban campaign which lobbies for a progressive ban on fossil fuel advertising and branding in Cape Town, as well as our Clean Creatives South Africa campaign which asks creatives to pledge to not work for the fossil fuel industry.

Clean Creatives

Inspired by and in cooperation with Clean Creatives in the US, Clean Creatives SA aims to bring together leading SA media agencies, their employees, and industry clients to address the SA ad and PR industry’s work with the fossil fuels that are the principal cause of climate breakdown.

Fossil Ad Ban

The Fossil Ad Ban Cape Town is a campaign that draws inspiration from similar campaigns that have been initiated in the Netherlands and Australia, and from France, which has already instituted a national ban on certain forms of fossil fuel advertising.