Competition: #Crossoutfossilfuels

We’re so used to fossil fuels, we can’t imagine that a better world awaits us without them.

It’s time for action! This May 25, we’re joining a continental wave of action for #AfricaVuka Day of Action, calling on you to help us #CrossoutFossilFuels (oil, gas and coal) that are hurting a safe climate and hurting ordinary people through air pollution.

Do you want your university, or school, or church to stop investing in Sasol? Do you want your bank to stop funding fossil fuels? Do you want your school route to be cycle-friendly? Do you want electrified public transport and safe cycle routes! Do you want your investment manager, such as Old Mutual or Coronation, to stop putting your money in Sasol and BHP Billiton.

Responsible business means a concrete plan to divest from fossil fuels.

Take a photo! Show us where you want to #CrossoutFossilFuels and stand a chance to win this #AfricaVuka day of action!

All you have to do is take a photograph of where you would like to #crosssoutfossilfuels between the 24 May – 15 June and tag @FossilFreeSa on twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Download our signature Fossil Free Cross and get creative by using it in your photograph. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #crossoutfossilfuels and #AfricaVuka

What do you win? The photo we like the most wins a delicious vegan lunch for two to the value of R500! T&Cs apply.

More about Africa Vuka Day of Action:

AfrikaVuka (formerly known as is a rallying call set up to unite campaigns and movements working to end the age of fossil fuels in Africa and move to a clean, renewable energy future.

AfrikaVuka Day of Action is about a collective realisation for the urgent need for change. The mission is to rise above our history of being colonised, to awaken those who must join the movement for our planet and cross over from the old way of
fossil fuels and embrace the new era of Renewable Energy.

Africa doesn’t need fossil fuels to reach its development. As the least responsible, but yet most vulnerable to climate change, Africa must follow upon the Climate Vulnerable Forum pledge made by 16 African governments in November 2016 to accelerate the transition towards an economy powered by 100% renewables. Our fight against fossil fuels is a pathway to a united African continent that seeks solutions beyond the tried and tested that’s proven to be destructive. The time for clean energy is now.

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