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The following message was published by the Financing the Future Steering committee:

Earlier this month in Cape Town, Financing the Future brought together over 300 leaders from 44 countries focusing on the intersection of climate justice, finance, energy access and social justice. It was a remarkable event that featured leaders from faith-based institutions, governments, NGOs, foundations, academia, environmental and human rights agencies, labour unions, social impact investing, healthcare, social enterprise and other values-driven institutions.

A central part of the event was the surfacing and gathering of new commitments and plans to advance our shared work globally. We want to spotlight these important insights with you, and invite you to join us on a webinar on 22 October from 1200-1330 GMT. Register for the webinar here.

Working together over two days, delegates made several commitments that give real power to the fight against climate change, and build on the momentum of the divestment movement that has already seen 11 trillion US dollars of total assets pledged to divestment from fossil fuels.

While the Summit has finished, our work has not. We have the power to move faster than governments and catalyze the transition to renewable, universally accessible, decentralized energy by shifting capital out of the problems and into the solutions today. To stay connected with the movement, sign up here for news from the host organisations:

You can still find news updates from the Summit, photos, and the live stream videos on the Summit website here.

In solidarity,

The Financing the Future Steering Committee

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  1. The climate crisis is engineered by us as a society. Individuals accept that we are not in anyway apart from Nature, we are integrally part of it. But at a societal level this fact is not acknowledged in how we at a collectively behave and that has to be rectified otherwise we will join Nature’s list of failed experiments in evolution.

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