Fossil Free UCT launch a great success

We’ll post more details and information over the next few days, but for the meantime, we’re very happy to report that our launch event for Fossil Free UCT at the university last night felt like a great success. The venue was literally overflowing with our 100 guests – staff, students, activists and other interested parties (this photo taken slightly before the full masses had arrived).

Launch of UCT Fossil Free 30 July 2014The vice-chancellor, Max Price, wrote to us beforehand saying that the university is looking into the issue, and the Joint Investment Committee is awaiting a report on the likely implications of a socially responsible investment policy. We’ve had very positive feedback from all who attended.

Many questions – and some objections – to the campaign were raised. We’re glad to have started the conversation, and our first working group meeting will be next Tuesday (August 5) at 5.30pm. Please watch our Facebook group for venue details.

In the meantime, here are some video clips of our speakers last night. We will post better footage and a more detailed summary of  proceedings soon.

Jolynn Minnaar, director of Unearthed, on the fossil fuel industry and divestment:

Richard Calland, associate professor of law, on the university’s responsibility for social leadership:

Professor Mark New of the African Climate Development Initiative, on probable African climate impacts:

Samantha Bailey, global organiser, on recent developments in the global divestment movement:

Samantha Bailey of addresses Fossil Free UCT launch meeting

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