Fossil Free UCT marks International Divestment Day

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Our Divestment Day actions on 13 February went very well. We had about 10 people in action, mostly UCT academics and associates, with some outside support. (Many thanks to Project 90 by 2030 for organising our main banner.

We did four human mike “broadcasts” around campus, starting at the Leslie Social Sciences Building which is a big space with a cafeteria; then at Cissie Gool Plaza, an outdoor cafeteria space. Down to middle campus, where we repeated in the Kramer Building (mostly law faculty). People were gathering in upstairs corridors looking on to see and hear what was happening.

At all these points, we handed out pamphlets after our broadcast, and spoke one-one-one with people where we could. Finally, we went on down to Bremner Building, the university admin building, and stood out front while delivering our message. Lots of people peeping through windows. A passing student joined in with us spontaneously. We then did a banner drop over the M3 for nearly three hours.

The participants in our protests were all glad they’d joined in, and very positive about the human microphone technique, which was new to most people. After months of effort to secure one, we have a meeting with the UCT Vice Chancellor on Tuesday, and are planning carefully for that.

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