Further resources

This page will carry the best resources we know of for understanding the current and likely future impacts of climate breakdown on South Africa, in a global context. Please do make suggestions.

Is there a single indicator for the current level of global stress we’re placing on human civilisation, besides the warnings from the Global Footprint Network? Not that we know of, but a good substitute might be the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s summary of global grain stocks. (Scary fact: the world only ever has around three months of grain reserves): FAO Cereal supply and demand brief

Climate breakdown summaries

These sites offer complementary and contextual views of the direction of global emissions trends, and how far they go towards being sufficient to avert the worst of climate change:

Understanding related resource and ecological crises

GDP is a terrible indicator of national success; so what are the alternatives?

  • Happy Planet Index (shows which countries create the most human wellbeing with the least damage: Costa Rica on top, with Algeria scoring highest in Africa)