Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit comes to Cape Town

The Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit is coming to Cape Town in September 2019!

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Financing a fossil fuel-free future in which everyone has access to renewable energy – especially the 1 billion people living in energy poverty – is indispensable to solving the climate crisis. With little time left before we lock in irreversible climate impacts, mission-driven leaders are responding by taking action. Faith leaders, foundations, university administrators, health care organisations, and municipal governments are now all looking at how they can finance a just future.

The Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit in Cape Town will:

  • Provide tools and resources to align capital with climate goals.
  • Challenge the global community to leave fossil fuels in the ground.
  • Underscore the urgent need for investments that help developing nations leapfrog dirty development and provide clean energy access
  • Set a vision for how we can finance the future.
  • Enable partners from diverse regions and sectors to plan for action

Investors, with trillions in assets, have the power to move faster than governments and catalyze the transition to renewable, universally accessible energy by shifting capital out of the problems and into the solutions today.

Fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment is more important than ever.

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