#InvestFossilFree: Joint letter-writing campaign to SA’s biggest asset managers

Stand up with us and ask your asset managers to #InvestFossilFree. 

Our latest campaign is calling on SA’s leading asset managers to create truly fossil fuel-free SA investment funds.

We believe they should at last offer individual asset owners – that’s all of you with savings and pensions and unit trusts – the chance to actively withdraw from tacitly endorsing the companies that are overwhelmingly responsible for climate breakdown.

To take part, all you have to do is sign one or more of our joint letters to our asset managers, through this link on our website Then forward this to a friend (or, preferably, five friends).

When the number of signatories on each letter hits 89, we will send it, and demand meetings with the top management of each asset manager. We’ll invite some of you to join those meetings if you wish to be included.

Why 89 signatures?

That’s the current age of the Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, who has repeatedly called for fossil fuel divestment. He has said that:

‘People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change.

It’s not just an issue of conscience, but also of practical personal risk management. Watch our video below to understand more about why you should call on your asset manager to offer investments free of fossil fuels.

#InvestFossilFree campaign launch video

For the past few years, the big SA asset managers have been saying that their clients aren’t interested in a fund free of investments in the fossil fuels companies that are causing climate breakdown. 

But if faced with enough pressure from clients, we hope asset managers will, at last, find the courage to act on what they claim are their real convictions: to invest properly in a future worth having! 

Read and sign our joint letter to your asset manager >

 You can also read the full background and context for this campaign here or get in touch with us with any questions. Please also be sure to follow our campaign on our social media platforms.