Fossil Ad Ban Cape Town

Fossil fuel advertising ban campaign launched in Cape Town

Fossil Free SA is the proud host of a new campaign tackling the fossil fuel industry, Fossil Ad Ban Cape Town. The campaign draws inspiration from similar campaigns that have been initiated in the Netherland and Australia, and from France, which has already instituted a national ban on certain forms of fossil fuel advertising

The rapidly worsening climate crisis – primarily driven by use of fossil fuels – makes it vital to stop fossil fuel companies greenwashing themselves into continued public acceptance through cynical spending on CSR, advertising and sponsorships.

Society still depends on fossil fuels in many instances, but there’s no need to actively promote their use or allow fossil fuel companies free reign for their greenwashing efforts. Despite their claims to support climate action, in 2021, for example, Shell spent only 1.5% of capex on true renewables

The City of Cape Town, as a member of C40 Cities, a global network of mayors taking urgent action to confront the climate crisis, already possesses a well-developed climate policy framework that makes a fossil fuel advertising ban a logical next step.

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