Fossil Free Stellenbosch

There have been long-running efforts from students over nearly ten years to get Stellenbosch University to divest. From 2023, we’ll continue to support the work of EcoMaties in engaging the university on this front.

Resources and background

Fossil Free SA is supporting the divestment work of Fossil Free Stellenbosch, a student-led campaign of EcoMaties: 

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Sample campaign timeline

View all our fully up-to-date FFSA campaign timelines here.


  • 24 November: The Stellenbosch University Investment Committee declines to meet with Fossil Free SA and Fossil Free Stellenbosch to discuss the case for divestment.
  • 4 October: Fossil Free Stellenbosch launches a new petition calling on the university to divest from fossil fuels.
  • 3 October: Fossil Free SA writes to SU, requesting an opportunity to present the case for divestment to the investment committee of the university council.
  • 20 September: The Fossil Free Stellenbosch campaign hosts a second campus dialogue on fossil fuel divestment.
  • 19 April: As part of the Earth Week Dialogue Series, students organised a fresh dialogue on divestment, with a panel that included Stellenbosch University (SU) chief operating officer Prof Stan Du Plessis, SU sustainability manager John de Wet, Stellenbosch mayoral committee member Lwando Nkamisa, vice-chair and coordinator at Fossil Free South Africa David Le Page, student governance representative Anele Mdepa, and event organiser Muhammed Lokhat.
  • 25 March: Calls for SU to divest are renewed by speakers at the PeopleNotProfit protest for climate justice in Stellenbosch.
  • 13 February: The German podcast ‘Stories of Climate Change Hope’ profiles the early Fossil Free Stellenbosch campaign.


  • 27 July: Die Matie profiles the Fossil Free Stellenbosch campaign: ‘Stellenbosch ‘can do more for the environment’.
  • 5 May: May Boeve, Executive Director of the international campaign, addressed students on fossil fuel divestment at the 12 May 2015 FVZS Discoursé Café.


  • First Stellenbosch divestment petition established.
  • Fossil Free Stellenbosch movement launched.