The climate crisis: Four things South Africans can do right now

On Monday evening, we were hosted by Extinction Rebellion’s group in the Cape Town South Peninsula. It was the first time we’ve done an event in person since the beginning of the pandemic, and it was really refreshing to be speaking to people in person again (outside, in a beautiful garden, well-distanced). Our deep thanks to the organisers and host.

Our slides from that event can be viewed here. And if you want to know what to do right now to help stop global heating… here are some options:

  • Support our Fossil Free SA #InvestFossilFree campaign for fossil free funds from top SA asset managers.
  • Support our campaign to get UCT to divest from fossil fuels, by: 
    1. writing to the UCT Panel on Responsible Investment in support of divestment by this Friday 14 May 2021 (, 
    2. and / or to the UCT Council, via, before September 2021.
  • Invest in the BCI ESG Equity Fund (at present, the only significantly fossil-free SA equity fund, excluding SA’s big thermal coal producers, with an additional hard exclusion on Sasol). This fund was re-launched with a new ESG methodology in January 2021, and after nearly three years of encouragement from us and our friends at Just Share.*

    * Please note that we’re not claiming that this fund is ethically perfect, but we do think it sends a strong signal on a key issue. Of course, do consider this option in conjunction with advice from a certified financial professional.