‘This Changes Everything’

Fossil Free South Africa held a successful screening of the documentary This Changes Everything on 26 November in Cape Town. Based on the book by Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything argues that the climate crisis is not just caused by our technology, but by the Enlightenment idea that humanity can command nature like a machine, an attitude embodied in the functioning of contemporary hypercapitalism. But if we regain respect for the power of the natural world, learn to work in rhythm with its own functioning and with respect for natural boundaries (here’s a great link to solutions), then perhaps we stand a chance of averting the catastrophes that climate change might bring  upon us: ‘What if global warming isn’t only a crisis? What if it’s the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?’

The screening was preceded by brief presentations from the Sun Exchange and the Collective Objective, and we urged guests to attend the People’s Climate March this coming Sunday.

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  1. Thanks to David, Nick, Rob and others for organising the event last Thursday.

    Please let me know about any fossil-free investment options to discuss with my financial advisor early in the new year – he did attend the screening and has promised to do some research of his own.

    Perhaps we need a discussion forum on this if there isn’t one already..

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