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Operations manager

We are creating a new position of operations manager to support our director-coordinator, lead our good administration, ensure continued organisational development and proper support for our team. As operations manager, you will work a guardian of our overall stability, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Divestment Campaign

Snr campaigner

We are looking for a senior divestment campaigner who will lead the following established campaigns:  1) Defossilising universities: For divestment by other SA universities and pension funds  and 2) #InvestFossilFree: Lobbying for fossil fuel investment options from SA’s top asset managers.

Clean Creatives Campaign

Clean Creatives country co-ordinator 

The Clean Creatives SA directors have secured funding for another year of campaigning, and are looking for a campaign manager to continue the growth of the movement. Clean Creatives SA is a Fossil Free South Africa campaign. It is a local version of the original Clean Creatives campaign based in the US.


Man-Co Member (volunteer)

Closed for now: Our management committee, drawn from members of our voluntary association, fulfils the functions of a board, taking overall responsibility for our governance and continued fulfilment of our mission, advising and assisting the senior management team and director. We have in early 2024 advertised for and now found new members.